AC/DC integrated power supply
Basic Information

PSN-DY series AC/DC integrated power supply is designed for the scenarios such as substation, trail transportation AC/DC and EPS.




    1)AC cabinet: The device output AC power to load to realize dual way switching.

2) DC cabinet: DC cabinet is consists of AC input unit, output units, voltage regulation, failure inspection and smart monitor, etc.

    3) DC distribution cabinet: It is consists of isolation monitor unit, DC feeder circuit, status inspection to realize the distribution of DC.

    4) EPS cabinet: It is consists of inverter module, ATS device, AC contacts, STS module, breakers and bus, etc.

5) Battery cabinet: battery group installed in the battery cabinet.



      All digital control

      No master-salver parallel, equalization independently.

      Hot plugged-in technology

      On line double conversion technology

      Easy and convenient operation & communication interface.